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Public administration in Norway has a structure with three levels: central government, county government and municipal government. Norway is divided into 19 counties (fylker) and more than 400 municipalities (kommuner).

The administration of Vestfold County is located in the town of Tønsberg.

Contact address:
Vestfold fylkeskommune
Svend Foynsgt 9

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone  +47 33 34 40 00

Political Structure

Portrettfoto av Rune Hogsnes, FylkesordførerVestfold County Council is responsible for upper secondary education and adult education, dental health care, public transportation and county roads, regional development, regional planning and coordination, management of cultural heritage, culture and international activities.

The County Council is the principal elected body, and consists of 39 members who are directly elected every 4 years. The County Council meets 5 – 6 times a year to make decisions vital to the region. The Council exercises its power through its budget and planning system.

The County Council elects the 13 members of the County Executive Board among its representatives, and the County Mayor.

There are three principal standing committees whose members are elected by the county council. These committees provide the political leadership for the County Councils main activities.

Rune Hogsnes is County Mayor for the periode 2015 - 2019.

Administrative Structure

Egil Johansen, fylkesrådmann, Vestfold fylkeskommuneThe head of the county administration is the Chief County Executive Egil Johansen. The central county administration and the service institutions implement the political decisions taken by the County Council.


Department of Education
Department of Culture and Community Health
Department of Regional Development
Department of Dental Health
Department of Administration


Facts About Vestfold

The County of Vestfold is situated in the south of Norway. Vestfold is the smallest and one of the most densely populated countys in Norway.

Area 2.224 square km
246 862 inhabitants (23.11.2016)
12 municipalities
Biggest cities: Tønsberg, Larvik, Sandefjord, Horten – all situated along the coast
1.000 km coastline
Approximately 1.500 islands


Vestfold County was a centre of power during the Scandinavian Viking Age. Several of the greatest archaeological discoveries from the Viking Age have been made in Vestfold.

At Kaupang in Vestfold County, Norway, lies the remains of Sciringes heal - Norway's first town. The Viking town is the only of its kind in Norway.

Borre burial mounds (Borrehaugene) is Norway's first national park and has the largest Viking graveyard in Scandinavia - with significant discoveries from ancient times.

Borrehaugene 940x420

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